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Retirement has never looked more attractive. Tax concessions on superannuation are making it easier to grow your retirement nest egg, helping you to fund a retirement lifestyle you will really enjoy. Whether you’re approaching retirement or it is still some years away, professional advice can help you structure your finances to save tax and maximize future returns.

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Thanks to our high standard of living and medical advances, Australians are living longer than ever before. While this is good news, it also makes it likely that your retirement savings will have to stretch over more years.

There are many ways to structure your finances to provide income and flexibility through your retirement years. When we draw up a plan, we conduct in-depth analysis to learn about you and understand your current situation and goals so we can present you with the most suitable options.

If you’ve already thought about your life after work, we can discuss your ideal retirement lifestyle, when you’d like to stop working, and if you have travel plans. We use this information to work out how much income you might need in retirement and weigh that against your present financial position. We’ll also discuss your attitude towards the various risks and returns involved in investing to ascertain the level of risk you are comfortable with.

We can show you tax-effective investment strategies and consider important things that some people overlook, such as ways to protect your lifestyle and future income as well as your estate planning needs.

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